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Your car has been trespass towed. You have certain rights under Florida State Statutes and City of Gainesville Ordinances:

I. Vehicle can be picked up within one hour after requested, provided the towing fees have been paid.

II. You can retrieve any personal property from the vehicle within the first 24 hours of the tow prior to paying the towing fees (after the first 24 hours, a fee may be charged).

III. You may inspect your vehicle prior to paying the towing fees. The tow company cannot require you to sign a waiver which would release the firm from liability for damages noted by you at the time the vehicle is picked up. The tow company is responsible for any damage done by entry into the vehicle if the entry was not done with the “standard of reasonable care.” Proper remedy for these damages is through civil court.

IV. You may pay the towing charges using cash, debit card, or major credit card (Visa or MasterCard). A fee may be charged to use the debit card. No fee can be charged for the use of a credit card.

V. A detailed, signed receipt showing the legal name of the tow company or person towing the vehicle must be given to you at the time of payment, whether requested or not. The receipt will also include the following statement: “Notice: Towing from private property is regulated by F.S.S. 715.07 and Chapter 14.5, Article III City of Gainesville Code of Ordinances.”

VI. Tow companies are required to take photos of your vehicle prior to tow, documenting the violation for which the vehicle was towed. You can make arrangements with the tow company to view the photographs at no charge. Photos will be available for viewing the following business day. Normal hours for viewing the photographs will be Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. It is a good 

For Complaints Please Contact:

Gainesville Police Department 

Towing Administrator


Property Management

As a commercial property owner, you probably wish you could always be there to monitor your lot and make sure it is free of abandoned, broken-down, or illegally parked vehicles.


But with all your other daily responsibilities, this is simply not possible in real life. Here at Moffo’s, we understand just how important it is to preserve the professionalism and accessibility of your property.


For this reason, we do everything in our power to make sure commercial parking lots and premises are being managed with the proper resources. That is why we provide professional private property management services in Gainesville, Fl. for private, commercial, industrial, and municipal properties.


And the best part is, we tow away vehicles at NO ADDITIONAL COST to you! Instead, all costs are the vehicle owners’ responsibility.


Aside from  towing and recovery services, we also provide inclusive roadside assistance and vehicular assistance for business owners and customers for managed properties! Our experienced wrecker operators are fully equipped and certified to deliver steadfast property supervision and control you can trust. 


Moffo's Towing is a small family owned business that is focused on our customers needs.  With over 25 combined years in the towing industry you can feel confident knowing you are in the hands of responsible and reliable industry experts. Call 904-451-2195 for answers to your questions about our private property towing services, today.

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